• AL liquid purification

      AL liquid purification

      Degassing 、Refining、Stewing
    • Die castings

      Die castings

      LPDC、GDC、Titling GDC、Titling GDC、Flow forming
    • Casting automation

      Casting automation

      Runners fettling、Filter loading、Sand core placing、Mold blowing、Casting extraction、Laser marking/ Physical marking、Casting detection、Automation production cell for castings
    • Castings cooling

      Castings cooling

      Natural cooling、Quick dipping、Centralized cooling、Vertical cooling、A variety of customized solutions to meet customer needs
    • Post processing automation

      Post processing automation

      Post-processing unit with highly automated operations of standardized equipment and customized equipment to realize the casting post processing.


      Multiple combination of hamming and vibration and swinging equipment to offer de-coring solution to meeting customer needs.

      Castings fettling

      Customized solutions of multiple machining process such as high speed band saw , disc saw with single axis or multi axis, and customized milling equipment and auto de-burrs equipment with robots, all equipment can be single use or by integration

    • Intelligentization and informatization

      Intelligentization and informatization

      Realize parts production traceability, real-time acquisition of process and process production data, database storage and analysis

    About Us


    Jiangsu Tianhong Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Jiangsu Tianhong Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in R&D, manufacturing and marketing the high end intelligent equipment. It is situated in Douzhuang Industrial Zone,Danyang City with the registered capital of US$10 Million, occupied land area of 26600㎡, plant area of 11000m and 210 employees. It was founded in August 2007 and put into production in July 2009,mainly developing the intelligent casting equipment for Aluminum alloy foundries and other peripheral equipment,specialized equipment for Aluminum alloy wheel manufacturing, fixtures and chucks for precision machineries, such as CNC lathes and machining centers, etc. In 2011, the company started to develop the automatic production lines,serving for the industries of automotive components, high-speed train parts, equipment manufacturing and light weight castings of new energies automobiles,etc.

    Branch company

    Branch offices in various regions of the company

    Tianhong Intelligent Equipment adheres to the business philosophy of "technological innovation, product leadership, forward-looking thinking, and leading development". Through independent research and industry innovation, we deliver high-quality and highly stable products on time, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve the all-round automation turnkey project of "Tianhong Technology". At the same time, we provide all aspects of project services and equipment manufacturing, as well as a complete after-sales service system.


    Cooperative clients